Monday, April 7, 2008

Australia is the Key, and PNAU is the time

Yes, it's that time now kids. I thought it would be tomorrow, but I changed my mind. It's that time when I express my personal opinions and hope I don't get chastised for them. Check it:

I love choral arrangements. Even more than that, I love drunken-friend sounding choral arrangements. Even MORE, I like drunken-kid-friend sounding choral arrangements. D.A.N.C.E. can blow me, it was fun while it lasted. No, I'm talkin' Elephant Six type shit. Everybody sitting by a campfire with an acoustic guitar drinking whiskey and butchering their favorite songs. Just having fun... something some of us may have forgotten how to do.

Enter PNAU, the Australian dance duo of Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes. They've been around for years cranking out viral feet movers. They released a self-titled album late last year, and it has lodged itself into my brain... right in between Tom Tom Club and The Fixx. They have a fluid and subdued style of disco-y dance, something 2007 saw very little of. That same feeling of lounging around a fire with your friends on a Saturday night can be taken to the dance floor, and will stay in your head by the end of the night.

PNAU - Baby

PNAU - Baby (Breakbot Remix)

And with the endorsement of Sir Elton John, you're sure to have a winner. You can say what you want about Elton, but the first half of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is fucking EPIC.

PNAU - Come Together

EDIT: This video is epic too. Think Flaming Lips + Dance + Lots of acid.


Joel "El Macho" said...

i'll use my comment from another blog:

I think I posted something awhile back that was along the lines of, "Let me throw down a few bar chords at odd intervals over a drum beat and I could sell as many records as Justice". I play them at my night because they always get the room going, but honestly, my reaction to the album was a resounding "meh".

Besides, Europe is already over it. It's all about Revolte now. More Frenchmen in tight pants. Apply, rinse, repeat.

PNAU is good stuff though. Sounds like musicians using electronic equipment to make music instead of guys pushing buttons to make dance beats, if that makes any sense.