Monday, January 19, 2009


Forget for a moment that this screenshot isn't them in front of Delaware, I couldn't find one of them in front of the New York clip. Then again, I didn't look very hard.

The point is, I have some fun New York band related tracks I want to share with you today. Most of these bands are from Brooklyn, but not all. 

Amazing Baby -
These guys, like a lot of bands from Brooklyn that I've been digging for the last few months, are friends with MGMT, and I got into them for being such. Browsing their myspace the first few times, I could tell there was something there in the music I liked, but it really took me downloading their free EP to appreciate it fully. Since then, I've had many days where this is the only thing I will listen to. Think prog influenced poppy psych rock, with a bite of mid 90s alt pop thrown in for good measure. Shit, I suck at describing music, so just download it:

Amazing Baby - Supreme Being (DivShare) (zSHARE)

Chairlift -
I'm sure you've heard that one iPod commercial with their song Bruises on it. I'm sure you've resented said commercial. Either way, Chairlift's debut album is way better than that song, and dare I say might have profited to have said song removed. But come on, who won't pay for bubblegum synth pop these days?

Chairlift - Planet Health (DivShare) (zSHARE)

And if you haven't seen this video, it's amazing.

Free Blood -
This band is on the Rong Music label, which is affiliated with DFA, and features John Pugh of !!!. This particular song is on a mix that I am preparing to "release" tomorrow, and a quick few seconds into the song will tell you why. I'll let the music do the rest of the talking.

Free Blood - The Royal Family (DivShare) (zSHARE)

Unless you want another video that is... (highly recc'd)

Here's a remix of Au Revoir Simone (yeah, from that Brooklyn place) I finished a couple of weeks ago. I went through about 4 different versions as I always do, and I think this one makes me the happiest. It obviously isn't meant to be a "banger" or whatever the kids call them these days, rather I tried to inject a little movability into ARS's headphonability. If that makes any sense...

There will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.


DISQO DISCO... said...

i take that back, they ARE all from Brooklyn. I didn't get as far down my New York list as I thought I would.