Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so I know I said I would try and put out that mix I've been working on for Tuesday, but I've decided to revise it a bit. While we wait for such happenings to, um, happen, watch this video and peep the track listing for the mix I have done so far. I'm sure a lot of you people have either heard or seen this, but it's really too great not to post.

1. Cosmos Nickel - Sauveur Mallia
2. My Girls - Animal Collective
3. The Royal Family - Free Blood
4. It's You - ESP
5. Don't Stop (Jammin') - LA Mix
6. Runaway - International Music System
7. Margeritha - Massara
8. I Wanna Be Your Lover - La Bionda
9. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
10. Hot In Here - Tiga
11. Happy House (Prince Language Dub Mix) The Juan Maclean
12. I Want It To Be Real - John Rocca
13. Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix) - Lykke Li
14. Live Fast Die Old (The Juan Maclean Remix) - Munk
15. No Way Back - Adonis

I may just finish it tonight... Stay tuned!!

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