Monday, February 9, 2009

Man, I haven't really done anything today except find some really awesome new music. Part of me feels ashamed, and the bigger part doesn't care. I just need to remember to take the trash out cuz it's STINKAY.

I'm so pumped about the new Juan MacLean album coming out soon. I've been listening to The Simple Life a lot lately and I can't wait to be a consumer with this. Here's a little gem for those of you who like The Twelves. I do, but John would totally kick their asses in a deathmatch.

I've been casually listening to Telepathe's myspace since sometime around summer of last year, and they're one of those bands you start hearing in your head at random parts throughout the day, but since you've only heard it once or twice, you can't figure out what it is until you venture back to the source.

Well, by then I was hooked, and their debut album Mother Dance is definitely delivering to the addiction. Soon I'll be naked in a street with headphones and a bottle of cheap tequila asking people for a ride to their show (which I missed a few months back due to being poor already. sad face...). This particular track sort of makes me wish that was the case anyway, but in a totally feel-good way. Does that make sense?